July 3rd, 2005


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Wow, for having just started cutting everything out today, I'm quite surprised that I finished my Slytherin PoA style robes so fast. Even the complicated lining didn't mess me up too terribly. The only snag I had was with the sleeves. It took aproximatly 1 whole viewing of PotC, 1 whole viewing of the BTS of Potc, 2 uncut, uncommercialized SG-1 episodes, all of the non-extended version of LotR: TTT, one full viewing of an hour long bts special on TTT and about 3/4 of another hour long bts TTT special to finish my robes. Wish I would've remembered to bring back my PoA DVD. That would've been great. But that's ok, I did well without it.

Thanks to a "How to" site, and the best robe pattern I've ever used (McCall's 4340), I was able to finish with very little alterations and in a decent amount of time. Yay for me! Although I did take advantage of the $2/yd fabric at Handcock's, I'm thinking that this robe will not be all that good to wear outside, say ... in the Florida heat. It's rather heavy, since it's a lined robe with not too thin lining. Of course, I could've used regular quilter's cotton (which might've been cheaper) but this just looks really nice. Granted it's a bit bulkier, which probably doesn't look the best on my already rather large frame, but it's still a well put together robe. Oh, shit ... I just realized I didn't put a wand pocket in it ... darn ... oh well!

I plan on doning it in all my gothic!Harry glory on Tuesday and taking pictures to post on cpl.com, maybe even cosplay.com. (plus my fanart!) YAY FOR FINISHED COSPLAY! Oh yeah, and I get to wear this to GoF too :D Finally! A Harry Potter robe I'm PROUD of!

I gotta remember to bring back an iron, since I think we accidently left Jen's at the ACen hotel e.e;; We're finding a lot of things we 'accidently' left behind. I think I left some make up, my contacts, and that mysterious claw behind. There was other stuff, but I don't really remember now.

It's been a rather good holiday weekend, I'd have to say. I've really relaxed a bit, done things I haven't done in a while. It feels really nice.
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