July 1st, 2005


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New icon! w00t!

I wonder if we'll be able to chose between the 'kids' cover or the 'adult' cover at Spellbound. Probably not, not that it really matters or anything.

I think I'm really lacking in creativity as of late.

Oh, and alyssa_malfoy ... I don't know if I can pick you up from O'Hare or not, I've got a final on the 14th. If I get it done early (which is rather likely) I don't know how up to taking the train to O'Hare I'll be ... we'll see. It's not that hard to take the train yourself, the CTA of Chicago is fantastic. Well, at least the trains are, for the most part.

I have to go get my car next week, just to make sure everyone has a ride to Spellbound.

Anyone want to go with my dad and I to the Oak Brook fireworks tonight? I think I might call up Cindy and Jay to pull a parking garage rooftop party again. It was fun, seeing all the fireworks displays all around the area. Or I could come back and go to the Navy Pier fireworks. That might be real fun. I've never done that ... except for the crowds. I don't think I could handle the crowds ...
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