June 28th, 2005


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Goddamnit, I need to cosplay ...

I've got a lot of 'stumes I want to make, but not the cash flow. I have SO much left over fabric that doesn't fit into any of the costumes I want to make, it's making me very sad.

I still need to finish Kalas, if I'm ever going to ... now I've got Howl to figure out. The Doris wig is too pretty and soft to cut up, so I'm leaving it alone. I'll just get a different wig for him. I might sell it to get money for other things, though. I've still got the blonde short wig if cali_gari wants it. And then the Kami wig, I still need to sell that to Jen, and the teal failed attempt wig ... but she's never got money. I guess I could bug people for le ciel feather money, considering the only person that paid me for it was Sawako, sorta. Then I've got Willy Wonka I want to make too, now that I've seen better pictures of it. But that also means buying a new wig, a top hat, and velvet -_- That's gonna be expensive.

I also need to find a place that will give me a good loan for school next year. I was thinking about just taking one out from a bank, because they don't really care what you do with it, and with a FAFSA loan, you never see the money. I'd like to get some money for a laptop for next year, so that when I'm commuting I can work on things. But I'm really clueless when it comes to money at all. My parents did a very bad thing and never showed me what it was like to pay bills or deal with tuition. Now they're just throwing me the bills and saying, "It's your turn ... " It's really stressful and scary. I've thought about taking a year off just to get my barings, but that's not even a good idea. I'll never get back to it.

I hate looking towards the future. Unless it has to do with Book 6 or cosplay, I don't want to deal with it. *huff*

Who wants to go see Batman? e.e;
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