June 19th, 2005


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So, what the fuck. My dream was very, very odd. Christian Bale and the dude that played Scarecrow were in it.

I was going to this thing that sorta resembled prom, but not really. More like just a silly stupid highschool party that people would get dressed up for. Christian was my 'date' but more like a brother just helping out his sister by not letting her show up alone thing. Well, there were hardly any people around, and Christian was stealing all the food and stuffing it into a grocery bag. I told him, "Hey, they're going to play your movie soon, your new one ... " and he was all 'No, I never like to see my own movies, I hate looking at myself on film ... ' and started to get very paranoid and pissed off. He decided to leave, with all his stolen groceries, and then I went to go sit in the back to watch the movie, because I'd already seen it. The scarecrow guy sat next to me and tried to hit on me, and I was all 'no way, you're crazy'.

I don't remember the rest of the dream ... but damn, it was weird. I felt really uncomfortable.

I just came back from going to the father's day car show at Oak Brook Mall with my dad. Lots of nifty old cars, very neat. We go every year together and we've done it since I was about 12. They had the car from Starsky and Hutch there, the original one that was in the Ben & Owen movie and in the TV show.

And now I'm starving and we're going out to dinner, but not for a while, and I don't want to eat because then I won't be hungry for dinner >O ARRGH!

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Grrr. I wanted to go out to eat. Dad's been saying we were going to go out. Then my mom is all "let's have steak!" and I'm all "grrr, I don't want steak, they're freezer burnt and we eat them all the fucking time".

I wanted Red Lobster, damnit! I've been hungry since 1:30! >O!!!

Why are people getting on my nerves so much?!?!?!
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