June 15th, 2005


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First two days of summer school are done. I figured out what it meant to sign up for a 4.5 credit class instead of a 4 credit class. You're paying almost an extra $200 for that .5 credits. Le suck. And it's meant for people taking it outside of DePaul, so I don't really need it.

The classes themselves, Intro to Psy is fucking BORING. But it should be an easy class. I'm debating on whether or not I'll actually get the textbook, since I've already taken the class and all it might not be worth it. She was trying to scare us into thinking that 'this is the hardest class for Psy majors because there's SO much to learn all at once! The exams might be strictly on lecture or strictly on book work, so read the book!' But I'm not worried. She says that everyone thinks it's common sense, and it isn't ... but it is! We've only got 3 exams and attendence that counts towards our final grade, so that could be a good, or bad thing. I've never taken 5 week courses. We'll see how this works.

But my Fantasy in Fiction and Film is fucking SWEET. The only required text book is, *snickers* Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The teacher was all, "So, how many of you have seen the HP movie?" half the class raises their hand. "Ok, now how many have read the first book?" about 5 ppl raise their hand. "Ok ... now, how many have read the whole series?" And it was me and one other person. He told us Potterphiles that he has books we can read instead of the first one to give us something to do since we're insane and read all the other ones.

Then we watched a few snippets from Forest Gump, a fucking INSANE movie called 'Mouth of Madness', which I had seen bits of on TV a while ago. Then we watched 45 minutes of a 6 hour long documentary on Joseph Campbell, Lucas's best friend and helper on writing Star Wars. He is brilliant. I like him a lot. He wrote a 17,000 page book series all about Heros. I think I might pick up his book "The Hero with 1,000 Faces". By far, this class will be the best one I've taken. Instead of just liking HP a lot for the slashy undertones, I get to really pick it apart and learn about mythology and how fantasy came about. We have to write a paper based on a movie of our chosing. We have to disect it into "The Call, Others, The Journey, Helpers & Guides, Treasure, and Transformation." I was thinking about doing PotC, but it might be difficult. So, instead I might do Casshern, or even Equillibrium, or The Fifth Element.

Our first movie we need to watch is Gladiator. Too bad I sold my DVD a while ago. We have to show him proof that we have the movie, or that we've rented it. I'm thinking about getting a Netflix account. I think I already have one ... but I'm not sure.

Ok, so I didn't have one. But I do now!


My final exam for Fantasy in Fiction and Films ... is on Thursday the 14th -______-


I'm hoping that since he is a Fantasy teacher that he'll let me slide and hand in my paper early and take my exam early. *crosses fingers*

Jen suggested that maybe I could go as my Final exam. Damn, would that be cool!

Edit: Ok, so I flipped out ... Spellbound is the 15th

I swear to God, if it isn't PMS that is making me this way, then I need to get help. Possibly in the form of illegal substances.
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