June 9th, 2005


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I'm about to head out to the fabric store, possibly catch up on a chat with cali_gari since I haven't seen her in forever.

I'm going to buy fabric, probably to make my PoA Slytherin robes if Darius is, indeed, coming to Spellbound! with me. I'm going to goth him out to be my smexy evil Harry and do lots of dirty slashy poses with me in my boggart Snape outfit. It's going to be so great. I *really* hope he gets to come. If not, I'll have PoA Slytherin evil Harry robes for GoF premiere.

After a slightly upsetting no prize for le ciel cosplay, I think my cosplay kick is returning. I'm going to try and work a little more on Kalas from Baten Kaitos and have him ready for Reactor. I'd love to make the sword and the wings, but I'm just not talented enough for that. Maybe sometime this summer, I can catch one of 13th_kingdom's cosplay parties and learn from one of the best. Other than that, I still might like to make Willy Wonka.

And for a complete impulse buy today, I got the first Batman on DVD. They were playing it in Suncoast and I was getting all nostalgic with those scenes of the Joker ... I've been really sorta sappy and mushy about things from my past lately. I've finally uploaded the PoA and CoS soundtracks to my iPod and I've been listening to them, particularly Fawkes Theme because it reminds me of when I met people like presentiment, lelola, bluerose25, alyssa_malfoy and tauntingthemuse.

Speaking of all of you guys ... I'm pretty sure I can't make it to TWH e.e; Unless I maraculously get a job very very soon, I won't have the money, nor the time considering how lazy I've been with school and now have to go an extra year. I was thinking about going to CauldronCon or Lumos! instead. CauldronCon looks a lot more promising, because it's got the actors attending. I want to go as boggart!Snape and see the look on Matthew Lewis' face XD

And because Ray Ray is gonna be there! I STILL LOVE YOU RAY RAY! XD

... and Gimli. I need me some dwarf lovin' XD
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I just found out about this little con. The only reason I'd want to go is because they're showing PotC on a big screen with interactive stuff and I can pimp out my Jack 'stume one more time before I decide to put him away until Potc2/3 comes out. I still can't wait to see if they're going to totally hack those movies to pieces. It'll be like Halloween, except I can be more annoying during a movie I've already seen ... and get drunk while watching it. That will be awesome.

Who's with me?!