June 8th, 2005


(no subject)

So, something posessed me to watch PoA with the French language selection. I like Ron's voice, Harry's is ok, Lupin's is alright. Hagrid's sounds spot on. Haven't heard Sirius or Snape yet. They call a wand, 'baguete'. Now, I don't know the french language at all, so 'baguete' to me is french bread (wow, I typed 'bed' there. I must really want to sleep ... ) , and I just imagined Harry holding a big stick of bread and saying "EXPECTO TOAST'UM!"

I ... need sleep.

Teehee, Snape sonunds supah sexy XD

Does anyone have theories as to if Snape is Greek, Italian, French, or other? I'd like to think he's Greek, but I wouldn't mind thinking he was French.

I repeat ... I need sleep.