June 6th, 2005


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Final went really well this morning, we were done in little under 2 hours. I headed over to the cafe, talked to kinkyprude a the copy center about Mary Sue's and Spellbound! which I have been ranting about to EVERYONE that even bothers to listen about my HP obsession. Even if they don't, it's an impressive thing to say that it's going to be bigger than Oak Park's OotP which drew 10,000 people.

Went out with Keidy, looked at digital cameras, applied for a job at Best Buy while I was at it. We went to a chocolate store, a fish store, a European supermarket, and a Chinese restaurant in Old Town. I bought some sake, some chocolate, some Chinese, and now I'm broke again. I gotta stop getting money and spending it so frivolously.

Finished my Survey paper, probably did the least amount of copy + pasting I've ever done. Just a single quote in the whole 5 pages.

Now that it's done, I tried to work on my website. Fuck you, FrontPage. You're the worst webpage design program ever. I want my Publisher back ;_; FrontPage is like designing a webpage with Word. Publisher is like designing a webpage with Photoshop. It's a little more free of movement, easier to decipher the directions, more 'graphic designer' friendly for me.

Fucking hell, I'm tired. I think it's because of the contacts. They always seemed to make me more tired the more I wore them.