June 3rd, 2005



So, I tried out Jen's epilator. For FUCK SAKE that hurts! How does she do it every week? I finished up the area around my ankle and I couldn't go any farther. Yikes ;_;

Muuuh, I'm huuungrrrryyy ... I want a McGriddle samach :O Should I make the half mile hike to McD's? No, by then breakfast will be over.

Things that need to get done this weekend: 3-5 page survey paper, 5-12 page 'business' website, finish up word+image project and print it out.

I *will* get all this done this weekend. No last minute shit! And then ... DRINKING! YES! MUCH DRINKING!

And OMG it was Kozi's birthday on 5/29 ;_; And I didn't knooo!

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The BBC confirmed with Bloomsbury that two men on the way to purchasing stolen copies of HBP were arrested; shots were fired in the attempt.

One of those attempting to purchase the book was reportedly a journalist from tabloid The Sun, the paper that was responsible for reporting on the "finding" of Order of the Phoenix in a field two years ago. The publication then "reported" on the book's contents while trying to make thesmelves sound noble in returning the book to Bloomsbury.

The Scotsman reports:

A police spokesman said today: "Northamptonshire Police were called with information that a person was attempting to sell a copy of the new Harry Potter novel and that the person was in possession of firearms. Police began an investigation into the allegations but in the meantime fresh allegations were made this morning that a firearm had been discharged in the property in Kettering.

As a result of this a firearms operation was launched at a residential address in Tresham Street in Kettering town centre earlier today which resulted in two men being arrested on suspicion of theft and firearms offences.The two men are aged 37 and 19 and are both from Kettering and have been taken to separate police stations in the county.

Two books were recovered and they are currently being held in secure circumstances has evidence by Northamptonshire Police."

A spokesperson from the Sun claims the reporter had good intentions about securing the book saying "A reporter and photographer from The Sun met with two men with the intention of obtaining the book so it could be returned to the publisher and the police could be informed."


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So, I've posted a classified to sell my EasyShare camera on craigslist.com. It's been up for only 2 hours and I got a reply, but something about it seems very shady. Has anyone else used craigslist?

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