June 2nd, 2005



Thank you for completing the ACT Survey of Academic Advising. Your participation in this survey is important. All results are completely confidential and will be used for institutional research purposes as well as comparatively at the national level.

Your name has been entered into a pool for a drawing for a chance to win an Apple iPod, Apple Shuffle or Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate for $100.00 which can be used for merchandise they sell, including textbooks!

All prize winners will be notified by Friday, June 10, 2005.

So ... I've been entered in a drawing ... for a drawing ... to possibly win an iPod?

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1. Favorite scent: laundry, burning leaves, bbq
2. Favorite way to relax: sleep, watch a movie
3. Favorite movie you own: Kung Pow, Enter the Fist
4. Favorite movie you don't already own: Napoleon Dynamite
5. Favorite male movie star: At the moment, I'd say Hayden Christiansen. Not the way he acts, just because he's got a pretty face and he can do angst pretty well.
6. Favorite female movie star: uhm ... I don't think I have one.
7. Favorite book genre: I like mystery, fantasy, horror
8. Favorite clothing store: Thrift stoooore!
9. Favorite non-clothing store: Suncoast
10. Favorite cartoon character: Jin
11. Favorite CD you own: I wish I still owned my 4 CD classic SW Trilogy set ... *shakes fist at brother*
12. Favorite CD you don't already own: LotR Trilogy
13. Favorite junk food: Guacamole Dorito's
14. Favorite restaurant: Edo Sushi


Mugglenet, HPANA, and WWP are all gathering their forces to do something BIGGER than Diagon Alley OotP Book Party! And it's going to be somewhere in Chicago!!! And there's going to be a COSTUME CONTEST! And I am SO GOING!!!! You have no idea how excitted this makes me. Their website will be up this weekend, I can't wait to see where it's going to be. How much ass would it kick if it was in Oak Brook? Answer = A LOT!

I think Jen wants to wear Gekka no Yasoukyoku Gackt and claim she's the 'Half-Blood Prince'. Oooh, this is going to kick SO MUCH ASS!!!
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