June 1st, 2005


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I have a feeling I'm going to turn into a nightwalker this summer. All 4 of my classes are 5:45-9 pm, M-Th. At least I FINALLY got to sign up for them. Dad thought that since I was supposedly 'graduating' this year, that he chose to not be notified of his payments he owed to the school any more. And it's not because I'm NOT graduating that there was 61-90 days overdue tuition payment that held my account from further enrollment in classes. Since I couldn't sign up for any more classes, it was just money left over that still needed to be paid from this quarter.

I'm taking Italian Renaissance Art, Intro to Human Communication, Popular Literature (Fantasy in Fiction & Film) and Intro to Pyscology. Woo!

Ok ... so I thought I hadn't taken Intro to Soc, but I had. I took Intro to Psy and failed. So! Switched those around. I'm still not quite sure what it means for two of the same class to be worth 4.5 credits instead of 4 ... so I changed it around and maybe I'll have extra credits!

And now ... TO EDO!!!!! *chooom*
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