May 29th, 2005


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Wha-huh? An Collapse )

So, I showed my mom pictures of our feathery goodness. I showed her a comparison of the actual outfits to ours and she said they looked very accurate. Made me feel good. Then she went on to ask me who they were again, and I've told her this at least 3 times before. I conveniently left out the fact that they were all guys.

I finally went out to Hot Topic and picked up that SamCham shirt. It wasn't black nor white like I expected. It was this interesting almost teal green. That's a nice change to all the black anime t-shirts that surrounded it. I also got a Storm Trooper helmet and cross bones shirt. Pirate Trooper!

I think I have to go shopping today ... with MOM. This ought to be awesome ...
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