May 26th, 2005


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While being bored and not working in class, I did some googling fun and did an image search for 'Severus Snape'. About the 12th page, there was a picture of Edward Scissorhands. O_o And *this* I never thought about this crossover pairing ... until ... now. It's definitely got me thinking I might want to try it ... what WOULD a drunk pirate do with a snarky wizard? XD Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

I hate teachers that make you do these 'do a piece on your ethnicity' projects. If I was something interesting like asian or black, maybe it would be a good chance for me to vent my frustrations about segregation or whatever. But I'm not. I hate to say it, but I'm almost as American as you can get. Yep, I'm just a plain old white girl. I don't even know WHAT nationality I am. My mom tells me that I should just tell everyone I'm Italian because she is. That's ... not a good reason to call yourself Italian. besides, I'm FAR from Italian looking. I guess I'm just generally European. I used to say that I was Lithuanian because I wanted a boy in my highschool to like me better, and he was Lithuanian. Stupid reason, I know. But I was stupid back then. I'm even more stupid now.

So yeah, I've been trying to work on my summer and fall scheduals for school. But the hold on my account still hasn't been taken off, so I can't enroll in the classes yet. It's coming down to the wire. I have 2 weeks until summer session 1 starts. And it's REALLY hard for me to call up my dad and be all 'Call them, I can't do anything!" when he already hates me for having to spend another year in school. Let's hope it's only one more year and nothing happens with my schedule to prevent me from having to take a few more summer classes.

I am so stressed out. I need a cigarette. And maybe some food. I wish I could just go home and get some pizza, or fried calamari ... mmmn, calamari ...

Wewt! Just checked my 'final project' for WWW, and I have to make a business page. I'll probably just make a costume commision website to go along with my midterm. This should be EASY, w00t. Now, I only hope that he doesn't take major points off for me almost ... never ... being ... in class ^_^
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