May 22nd, 2005


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Without Ryan around to trudge me around, I get too lazy to go to my cafeteria for food and then I go buy food, which leaves me with no money. No money means I want to call my parents. Calling my parents means having to deal with there 'I can't believe you're not graduating!' shit.

I hate money. I really, really hate money. I can't sign up for summer classes, which my parents are already upset that they have to pay for, because dad hasn't paid my tuition yet for this term. Great.

I've gotta go looking for a job, probably one at school so that I don't have to go all over hell to a job and then have to come back for school.

BTW - my Collapse )

If anything, this movie makes me want to make a Jedi costume again. I think I still have the boots, but I want to make an original Jedi costume. All blacks and reds, but still in the style of a Jedi. Leather, too. That way I can use my BFB's and my black pants and only have to make the top and a robe and a belt and a saber hilt. I really want to make a lightsaber hilt out of bits and bobs of electronic origin and PVC pipe.

Hm ... possibly for Reactor?
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