May 18th, 2005


(no subject)

Still haven't written my full ACen report ... not like any of you really want to hear about it.

Decided at about 7 last night that we should go see Episode 3. Went to, found out there was a showing at 3 am. w00t! So, we headed to Ryan's to play some Rogue Squadron on his bigger TV, headed out a little after 1, got there at 1:30, we walked into the empty theater, wondering why it was so ... bloody ... empty. A security guard said, "Hey, we're not open until 8 am!" We explained that we're with the Star Wars group and that we have tickets for a showing at 3 am. She said there IS no showing. Uhm ... wtf? Then how did we buy tickets for it? We found an employee that said the online ticketing thing was to spread out the ticket sales for the opening day ....

o ... kay. So, say there's 20 tickets per 'showing', they sell out the 3 am 'showing', on top of the 8 am to whenever showings, that means a full house. So, how can they accomodate a 3 am ticket in a sold out noon showing? That just makes no sense ... well, I guess we'll have to figure it out when we get there.

So, basically, we were out on the rather nice Chicago evening at 2 am, for no reason. But I did manage to take a picture of Ryan laying in the middle of Michigan Ave ... here!