May 10th, 2005


Ohhhh nooooo!

If anyone saw the Johnny Knoxville SNL on Saturday, I just loved the skit with the "Ooooh NOOOO" guy. Just the way he said it made me giggly MADLY. It still does to this day.

You know how it is when you were young and the power went out and you couldn't use the computer or watch TV, so you'd light candles and play board games or card games or just sit and talk? Well, yesterday was sorta like that. From aroun 1pm until this morning, Comcast was working on stuff so they had to shut down everything. No interweb, no cable TV. It was Jenni's birthday, so Ryan and I went out in search of a cake for her. We ended up buying 4 boxes of strawberry pocky, a small chocolate cake, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a 4 pack of Red Bull and had our little feast, got drunk and played WipeOut Fusion.

It turned out to be a very fun and excitting day. Jen had a bad day at work, so getting drunk was something she could look forward to.

We had a little problem with the Gaku epulets that had Jen sorta upset. I told her not to send it to the apartment to begin with, just send it to her house because something bad was going to happen. Sure enough, she gets a call from the seller in New York saying that it's been in Chicago for over a week and that they tried to deliver it to us but no one was there to pick it up and if she doesn't pick them up ASAP they'll be sent back to New York. It's really hard to get packages at our place since we don't have a buzzer and Jen and I are almost never home. Jen tried to give me a tracking number, but it wouldn't work. And since our internet was off, I couldn't check it online, so I had to call and say the tracking number out loud. Yeah, not punch it in, but say it out loud into the phone, I bet you can imagine the problems there ...

So, needless to say, I couldn't get the tracking number to work, Jen was upset, the guy from New York said he would send another set to her house and it would arrive by Wednesday ... that's cutting it super close, because then she has to go pick them up. I told her she should just get a refund and buy some epulets from the fabric nazi. She said he had a really nice selection and that he could be our last resort. Well, it looks like he's our only choice now.

In other news, I'll be making Mugen's sword and sheath out of my two bokken. I just need to bring one here to school to use the saw to cut off the handle and sand down the tips. I don't think I'm going to use spray paint for the sheath, it's a little darker red than the spray paint I have. And I have to make the sai part out of sculpy, but I need wire ... Sawako is coming back to the apartment today to see if the top fits, figure out sleeves, and then I'll finish that up ASAP, already worked on the feathers around the neck, just need to do the shoulders and wrists and add the braids. I'll probably work on Mugen tomorrow. Or, if I'm motivated, maybe tonight.

ACen schedule: Thursday

kyolicious, just wanted to know if you have any special needs or requests? I think I'm going to pick you up from the airport via El, we'll take the El back, hop on a bus to get to the apartment instead of having to transfer from the red to the blue line and then walk a mile from the El tracks to get back. And then we'll have lunch at Edo, and then hop back on the El and head out to the hotel to pick up pre-reg between 5 and 9. Then it's back to Lincoln Park, probably have enough time to hit up the cafeteria and load up on snacks (luckily I found a parking spot right in front of the cafeteria, we won't have to walk the snacks too far). I'll pick up your blue tights tomorrow, so we won't have that extra trip. Then, sleep.


I'd like to wake up around 8 (shouldn't be a problem for me ... ) I'll head to Lincoln Park to pick up car, bring it back to the apaato, load up and hit RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! w00t. We'll leave our luggage in the car until we get the keys to the room, just in case they make us wait until 1 pm again before being able to head to our room and we won't need 'luggage watchers'.We need to figure out when we have to go 'check in' and hand in our music for the masq too. Since we don't have to rush to sign up, we can probably do it on Saturday. Rotate-y food, possibly some costume alterations (probably going to bring extra feathers and a glue gun ... ), then sreep.

Saturday and Sunday ... well, let's not worry about them yet.

Still need to work on Gaku nails ... >_
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I hate to say it, but having kyolicious arrive on Friday is almost a stress reliever for me, as well as for her. And I don't have to make Mugen's sword, Jen would rather go without one than go with a mediocre, last minute one. Besides, she's hardly going to be there much on Friday anyways.

So, it'll be me and Keidy in the car to the hotel with Jen's luggage. Sawako and Jen will join us after their finals, and we'll meet up with kyolicious at the hotel.

Day fourteen.

I live in constant fear that Ryan will strike when I least suspect it. He has been unusually quiet for the past six days, and the stillness is unnerving. I have stockpiled plasma bolts, expecting a full scale attack, but the food rations are running low, and I will soon be forced to venture planet-side to gate more supplies in.

-end transmission.