May 8th, 2005


Hmmm ...

Isn't there a pre-registration thingie for ACen on Thursday? Like ... you can get your pre-reg that night or something instead of having to wait in line on Friday?

I think that might be a very good idea ... we can drive (or El it, saves gas and stress with driving on my part) down there, get our shiet, and be back and not have to worry about pre-reg lines on Friday ...

Although I'm not exactly sure WHEN they'll have the pre-reg stuff on Thursday.

puellaris, since you're a volunteer, d'you know? Anyone? Anyone?

Beuller? Beuller?

Oh, and I was thinking about Jen's sword. And since I know I'll forget to tell her, because I always do whenever it comes to telling Jen something, I'll put it up here to remind me. Take bokken to school to use wooodshop stuff there.

Edit: Oh, here ... on the website, Thursday 5pm to 9pm. That works out perfectly. We could SO do that ... if ... we're ... not sewing ... or hot glueing ... or painting stuff ... e.e;
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