May 3rd, 2005


T minus ... 9 days, and counting ...

If you don't like my rants about cosplay (well, why the fuck did you friend me? all I do is rant about cosplay .. ) then you might as well skip the next few posts.

Re-coated my claws in gesso to get rid of the yellowing-polyurithane, gonna add maybe one more coat of gesso then add the red lines again and us Jen's glossy gel medium instead of the polyurithane. I SEWED the headpiece onto the wig. Might do a little more sewing on it tho, but I did use upolstry thread, so it should be secure.

Still need to gather the dress again, maybe iron it and add some fabric stiffner and just let it be. Still gotta hem the skirt and add the strippy bits, then it will be SO DONE. w00t.

Re-paint the toe of my shoe, or maybe just get white shoe polish ...

Hot-glue velcro to leg straps. Figure out how to attach them to shoes.

Make-up test.

Sew sleeves on Kami, maybe work on the feathery bits a bit, fray-ease the SHIT out of that satin, get Sawako over here to try it on, add zipper, make the points on the shirt, get Sawako and Jen to go to fabric store and get fabric for her pants.

Things need to get at home: car, blue wig cap, possibly sewing machine (to bring to the hotel for last-minute fittings on Gaku) ... shit, there was more. Maybe I'll remember later.

I'm not worried, not at all.

Other good news, I got my Thursday morning class off. I just straight up told her I needed to pick someone up at O'Hare, so she just said "Ok, then have your stuff on Tuesday ... " -_-; Greeeeeeeat. Good thing I'm going home this weekend. Need to take pictures for that project, probably end up working on it all of Monday. Second class is going to the museum so I'm cool with that, and fuck Multimedia. Oh, and my 6-12 page website is due on Tuesday as well! yeah, I thought I had a LOT longer to work on it ... and, I don't have FrontPage, so I gotta look for that ... in his assignment requirments, it says "all pages must be done in FrontPage. Any other website template program used will constitute a 0". Well ... eff you teach! I don't have FrontPage!