May 2nd, 2005


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Well, in a first run of putting my kozi-ness together, I realized that one side of my dress is horendously too big ... and the gathers began to snap when I bent down to put on my shoes ... and there's a black scuff on my shoe, before I had a chance to polyurithan them. I'm hoping to fix the problem by gathering the back again to straighten out that buldgey side. Give my shoes a new coat of white, and re-paint my claws, because the polyurithane turned 'em a bit yellow, and you could clearly see it in the photos. I think I might also have to paint my arms white -_- And I got a run in my white tights, so I need more of those. And I need to practice poses. Jen, as usual, looks great. Damn her skinny-ness and ability to sew!

I feel SUPER shitty today. But I don't care! Because I have Tooty Frooties! And kitties! Yah!

I hope my tax return comes before ACen. I'd really like that money to ... y'know ... buy stuff.

*sigh* this apartment is a mess. I need to clean it. Now that a good chunk of the sewing is done, I think it's safe to say we can clean now. Especially those spray mount spots, where cat hair and dust have collected in th corner patterns on the floor.

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Once again, I'm up at 9:55, exactly, on the dot. WTF body? Can't sleep in any more? And I usually wake because I have a coughing or sneezing fit and I need a tissue. It's not like, a cold sort of coughing or sneezing. It's just, the need to do so is so strong, I can't just sniff it back, it almost makes it worse.

I *really* need to go to Heads & Threads today. I went to 4 wig stores on Saturday, one of which had only ONE WIG left, and it was this bagged afro. Another store said "We don't carry wigs any more!" and then another store wouldn't help me. And the good store, the one I went to first, had a mix up on orders, and she said "Come back in 8 to 10 days!" That is SO cutting it close, no WAY am I doing that ... so, my only hope is Heads & Threads or Wigs and Stuff. I think I should head over there now, it should be open by the time I get there. Last time I was there, they had a wig that I thought would be PERFECT for Kozi. But I didn't buy it because I was expecting this one to come in the mail that ended up being the shitties piece of shit ever. Grr!

Is it cold out today? I don't like it when it's cold out -_- I want 80 degree weather again!
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I should've just gone to Heads & Threads to begin with and not had any wig drama. I found the PERFECT wig for Kozi, and it's been there all along. It even makes my headpiece look bigger! w00t! And the Kami wig I bought, oooh man, sooo awesome. It's faded, so it actually sorta has that blue highlighted feel to it, because it was the display model that had been sitting under the halogen lights for years. Now we can say that this wig took a couple years to make, along with the nearly a mile of crochet string ... that should get those judges impressed.

And I also thought of something. If they try to ask Sawako a question about the sewing aspect of her outfit, or anything of it, we can just tell the judges she doesn't speak English ... and kyolicous can translate! Ha ... not to put you on the spot or anything ...

We found blue tights for you, too. They're sparkly, but they're blue so ... Jen and I figured they were going to be under your dress, so it didn't matter if they were sparkly ... they're not TOO sparkly, just a li'll bit.

Food time!