April 29th, 2005


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Wow, I knew I was going to get Collapse )
I didn't cheat! Oooh no, no I didn't!

I'm going to Heads & Threads tomorrow to get myself a new wig -_- fuckhead wig lady hasn't responded, and I'm not really one to complain all that much. Besides, Ash is going to use it for Heather, or something or another. I hope that this wig isn't from Heads & Threads though. This lady was based in Chicago so .. it's possible.

I added more feathers to the neck ruffle and head piece. I think they're 100% done now, but we'll see when I get the wig. The claws are done, I've got one vinyl leg bit done, but it's sorta ripping so I'm gonna interface it to reinforce it. I'll have to glue them onto my legs come ACen time, that should be FUN.

Tomorrow, I *will* work on gathering more. I've got it all in my head, it'll look great. But whenever I would invision drawings in my head, they almost NEVER come out the way I truly want them to ... *sigh*

2 weeks. 2 freakin' weeks. At least Jin is done ... of course, I may have to worry about Mugen's sword -_-
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