April 26th, 2005


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It was just as I feared. My project for Art&Design2 was not right, in almost all respects except for the content. I hate you, Root2 triangle and golden mean!

Oh well, at least she didn't say anything about my printing job. She probably didn't want to hack me to pieces any more than she already had. How thoughtful. Oh well, that project was stupid. And those printers in the print room are ancient and need to meet a baseball bat sometime soon. Eric said that he was trying to put new ink cartriges in them and he busted one of them open and it got everywhere. It was red ink too, so he said it looked like blood. I wish I'd seen it in person.

I've ot a midterm on Thursday for my Survey of Asian art class. I'm so fucked. It's one of those slide ID tests, so I have to memorize 18 different artifacts, ID their name, where it came from, what time period, and who (if known) made it -_-. It would've helped if I maybe went to class, tho ... this is also the class that I didn't go to the Museum and thus didn't do a presentation. Sooo ... I need to shape up, maybe I can pull off a C on this midterm, if I study my Buddhism notes from Yuki's class.

I'm getting more and more worried about that 'critique' I have on Thursday of ACen. I mean, the teach says 'in cases of emergency, that doesn't include a vacation' but it isn't a vacation to go pick someone up from the airport. Maybe I can fudge and tell her it's my 'cousin' I have to pick up ...

Bleh, 30 minutes to waste before class ... I know! I'll play Bejeweled 2!
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My daily parusal of cp.com has come up with a few gems ...

I think these guys have given us a run for our Gekka money! They're actually *gasp* ALL GUYS! The Yu~ki is the best ... the close-up of Kozi ...damn, boy. You're not Mana, so cool it on the exagerated lipstick a bit ...

And here are those HAWT SAIYUKI BOIS AGAIN *fans self* Why can't cosplayers around here look this good? ;_;

I think this is almost as bad as the Hello Kitty date rape whistle ...

*dies of boredom* This class sux manG. At least I get a lot of time to surf the 'net and update my el jay. w00t
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