April 22nd, 2005


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Hmm, the wig lady has surprisingly NOT returned my e-mail. I'm waiting for one that says, "Oh, sorry about the late reply. I was too busy hunting a pack of precious ultra rare pink buffalo in the conga to answer!"

I guess I should do what lilacwire suggested and file a complaint with PayPal if I don't hear from her in a week. I mean, really ... what business goes a week without checking their e-mails?

So, doc's appointments went well. My eye doc appointment was rather interesting. Mom said I got a reminder call that my app was at 8 am. I made the appointment for 9:15, but mom says I should go. Dad wakes me at 7 am *growl* I get up and out the door by 8 because I know it can't be open yet. Get a McGriddle (they're surprisingly good!)and get to the doc place at about 8:15. The doc says "you thought you had an 8 o'clock appointment?" and I explained that's what someone left on my answering machine. She said my appointment was 9:15, like I originally said but she took me anyways. She forgot to put in my dialation drops for a good 20 minutes, then she put in one drop each, came back 5 minutes later and added 2 more which made my eyes BURN. Oh GOD OW that hurt. But it also numbed them to the point that I didn't feel anything. Then I had a back doctor appointment. I'm apparently fine, I just need to work my back muscles more. He pinched my back right over my tattoo and that REALLY hurt. Like, it was a surprising pain. I wonder if it was because of my tattoo that I started getting back muscle problems ... maybe I should've asked him, but I really don't see that as the cause. At all.

Worked more on my neck ruffle, looks LOADS better with more feathers. Jen found these nice quill-ish white feathers with dark accents on them and gave them to me to use. Those will go on last. I got a scrap of white vinyl for the leg straps, I'm gonna work on that tomorrow. I also found fancy patterned white nylons x.o FINALLY. And they were only ... $20 >< Damn bridal stockings! It's a shame they'll be cut up but ... I really needed them!
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