April 21st, 2005


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Could I feel any more not-productive about this class? I don't think I'm doing the right thing, everyone else is doing some graphic-heavy shit, and mine's not as serious as everyone elses. The project is based on speech and writting, how to portray them in both written and visual aspects. But it's a very broad idea. So I've decided to do my pieces on the change from primative to more modern ways of communication. I.E. using heiroglyphics in an IM window, put little word/thought bubbles on a painting of the Declaration of Independence and have them say/think 'net speak. It really is more on the humorous side rather than a more informative piece, I guess. But I'm worried about the 'concept' aspect. It should have a little more than just one simple concept to it, and I guess I can BS my way through it during the crit ...

I do have a few more projects, so if this one gets botched to hell, I'll have the other ones to save me ... and maybe I'll try to participate and say what I want to say before the teacher's pet pipes up. I swear to god, why is she even in this class? Can't she just give the teacher a blow job and get her A and never show her face here again? I mean, she's never doing anything. She didn't bring anything to the in-progress crit (neither did I ... ) and the teacher was fine with it. Fuck, I hate those types. Those art-types that are buddy-buddy with the teachers make me ill.

In costume news: Jen showed me how to work her gathering foot. Looking at the thing, you wouldn't think that it would do the job at all. It's just a heavy metal foot with rount edges so the fabric doesn't catch. The real trick is in the pressure gauge. The higher the number, the more scrunched the ruffle. I got the first 'panel' so to speak of the gathered dress of DOOM last night. Took a good hour or so, so it's not too bad. I've got maybe 2 more to do, and then the sleeves and figuring out the pointy parts of the bottom of the dress. I think the Sleeves are going to be the bitchiest part of the 'stume. I don't know how Kozi's costume designer did it, but damn ... how did Kozi come up with this idea for this costume? Was he like, "I want to look like a puff pastry!"

I'm heading over to Heads & Threads on Monday to pick up a new wig for Kami and one for me -_- fuck, I have no money ... I guess I could ask Sawako for money for the shit I already bought for her 'stume ... let's see, $15 for the 1.5 miles of crochet string, $5 for fabric, $35 for feathers, $5 for the hair extensions. We still need to get her some shoes, too ... but I think we're going to go to some of the shoe shops at Clark & Belmont ... and hit up Heads & Threads too, on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday.

Fuck, I have to go home tonight. I have my eye doc appointment tomorrow morning, then another doc's appointment that my mom made that I don't know what it's for ... I hope it's not for the dermatologist. That asshole totally went off on me last time I was in there, trying to push the acutane on me. The first thing he said when he walked in to the exame room was, "What's up, besides your acne break out?" I was like "WTF?!" I hate that guy. I'm bad enough ( as in mood swings) on the doryx, I don't want the acutane. My mom is being a bitch about it. I tell her it's stress and she doesn't believe me. True, my face might be better if I'm actually TAKING my meds. Well, I'll just go to this guy, not listen to a word he's saying and just get my new perscription ... I want a clear face for ACen, so I'll try and pound back those pills daily ... I'll set up my phone to do so. That'll make me do it. Or I could just do it at 10:30 when Jen's cel alarm randomly goes off. It also wouldn't hurt to like ... lose some weight ... yeah ... and try to quit smoking. I've had maybe 2 cigs in the past 3 days, so I think I'm getting better.

I think I'll have to come in on Monday to work on my projects ... unless I can find a working PC Adobe Illustrator that DLs and has a working serial # before then ... -_-
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