April 20th, 2005


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Maybe I should get one of those Dream journal things. I think this one is one of my Collapse )

I kid you not, that's what she told me. Then I woke up. I get the feeling this dream is due to my feeling that RP friends have been somewhat aloof lately and ignoring me. Maybe I'm just being annoying. That's the reason why I would ignore people. It's so easly to come up with excuses as to why you weren't there, especially when it's just words in an IM box. But when you try and say it to someone's face, that's when it all becomes difficult.

I think I'm really going to start working on costumes now. Since I don't have the lovel distraction of RP, it should be easier for me to start getting shit done.

Oh! Speaking of costume shit, we actually did something last night for Kami! We started to make the skirt. We took the books off of one of Jen's Ikea shelves and beegan rolling the crochet string around three poles. We're making the fringe skirt, and this is one of the easiest ways to get the string all one length before cutting it.

Here's a pic.

Looks like some sort of art deco installation. It didn't take long, and was kinda fun to do ^_^ But the problem now is that the string is VERY static-y. Jen used about half a can of wig conditioner/straightener on it and combed it untangled. We're going to use scotch guard next. The clumping isn't too bad, it gives it a nice effect. Artistic interpretation, here. And we can say that we used about a mile of crochet string! That'll be impressive for the judges!
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God DAMNIT. Can ANYTHING MORE go wrong with such a bloody simple costume?

The wig finally came, and it's nowhere NEAR white. Not at ALL. I specifically asked "is this wig white? Like, WHITE white?" and she was all "yes, yes it's white. It's white!" blah blah. Yeah, it's so not.

It would make a pretty nice Captain Cater wig, if that gives you any indication of how NOT WHITE it is.

I got the dress part made, the under-dress part. That worked with surprising ease. I tried to make the ruffled top-dress part and it just came out so wrong and ugly. I'm going to start it again. The ruffles were way too big and fluffy. Kozi's are kinda ... not.

And I definitely need to add more to the head piece and the neck ruffle. It's not insane enough. *sigh*

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