April 15th, 2005


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I'm going to be super productive today! Seriously!

I've already called for my eye doc appointment for contacts for ACen, I DLed the telnet app for my multimedia class. I'm gonna go get printer cartriges and stop by the student center for lunch and to head to ID services and reset my account stuff so I can actually USE the telnet thing and get my 'webpage' up with links and everything. Maybe I'll even make a cosplay website :O I'll make it spiffy in FrontPage!

Or I could try the html route, if I wanted to really impress the teacher ... even though I hardly know HTML.

And then sewing will be done, after a little more cutting. I'm going to see how much of Kozi I can get done before working on Kami, because Sawako will be free after this weekend when her animation is due, and it'll be nice to have her, and perhaps have her make her own costume just a bit so it's not such a lie on the craftsmanship form ...

Speaking of that, I should send them it ... hey kyolicious, do you have webspace that we could post those detail pictures (scaled down, of course) and add them to our craftsmanship forms? I don't really trust Visual Darkness to be up and working around ACen. The other option is just to send them a picture imbedded in the Word document ... I dunno how well that'll work though.

And the countdown begins ... 28 dys ...


*squeals like a stupidly obsesed fangirl*

I fonally got my FTP folder working, the telnet thing works too, so I'm uber happy.

So long SamCham. You were good while you lasted. But now ... it's Stargate time >D

Check it out!!

*incoherantly babbles* I guess I just needed a new layout, because suddenly I'm feeling ... really good.