April 14th, 2005


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If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the Internet, post this sentence in your journal.

<3 to all my peeps: Darius, snapple, Jacob, and Aiden.

All those other people get a shout out too, because I'm feeling all nice and stuff and wanted to tell you all that you're the best. If it wasn't for you, I would be eatting my own foot in boredom: kyolicious, lilacwire, anise_anise, snapesdarkling, xryan_wx, tankthemuppet, puellaris, lelola, undead_man, and cali_gari

I biked to class this morning, and oh my GOD that was not cool. I usually don't like eating really early in the morning because my tummy just doesn't like it, at all. I usually eat sometime after I've awoken and my body is finally up and running. This includes drinks and even toothpaste after I've brushed my teeth. I know it seems kinda sick to not brush your teeth before you go to class, but I think that was the reason for my extreme nausea when I arrived at school. I was a good 15 minutes early, which I promply spent the entire time siting on the floor of the handicap bathroom stall, willing the nausea away. I'm better now, but I think I've learned my lesson. And my ass hurts ... it really has been a long time since I've riden a bike.

And on top of that, I decided to get a cookies and cream chillichino for my 'lunch drink'. Depending on who makes them, they can either be extremely good and a nice energy booster for me, or they can make me sick as a dog. I think it has to do with how much espresso, which is the 'coffe' part of the drink. The rest of it is dry milk cream stuff, ice, and oreo cookie chunks. I'm not a big fan of coffee in any way, but these chillichinos they have at the Bean are a really good wake up call for me. I'm gonna need it for my multimedia class. What? Class? Why YES! I am going, xryan_wx! I think your ADD is rubbing off on me ... maybe I need meds now ...

In Russia, school hates YOU!

I think it's time for new iconses ... SamCham is done, I am teh sads. Maybe this next round should be Stargate? *smirk*

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Just an ACen thought ...

Well, I'm planning on bringing my car, because traveling on the El is fun and all, but I really don't find it practical to get to the hotel at a decent time. I don't think we're going to have as much luggage as we had last year, what with Jen's dorm moving out appointment the Friday morning of ACen. And if I get lucky, I'll say I left my wallet with my luggage and not have to pay the parking guy again :D! He's not there all the time, unless they're gonna be super anal about hotel parking this year, which I somehow doubt.

But, if my calculations are correct, it will be me (driver), Mr. Mana and Keidy in the car. Jen and Sawako have finals and they'd join up with us a little later. But we could still bring their luggage with and they could take the El. So, I'm going to guesstimate 1 piece of 'big' luggage for all of us, and maybe one or two small bags per person. My trunk isn't HUGE, but it isn't exactly small either. I think we can do it.

And then thoughts of food came to mind. We have a cooler I could bring from home, but its one of those HUGE ones, so perhaps that's not a good idea. That alone could take up half my trunk space. Perhaps we can find a smaller one, or maybe it'll be cool enough to leave sodas outside over night? The only other need for a cooler would be for things like meat or cheese. I don't think we're planning on bringing much of that (unless someone wants?). I say, survive on snacking, and rotating food and Denny's Saturday.

And then the issue of HAVING the car in the city. There's no way I'm leaving it in the apartment parking spots, after what happened the last time I left it there for a few hours. I might try and find a place on Belden to park, because Clark is now quater-only 2 hr parking meters. And parking on Commonwealth is also permit-only. The other option I have is to park it near my school, like around the dorms where there's no meters OR permit parking, and then wake early in the morning to go get it and bring it back to the apartment to load up. Or, we could load it all up the night before and then I'll park it and in the morning we can all walk to it (it wouldn't be more than a 15 minute walk, at most). That way we can all go in costume and ALL look like FREAKS instead of just me *grin*

I only hope that check-in is a LOT better than last year. I'm always one for being SUPER on-time or not showing up at all. So, if we're up and out by 8 am Friday, give or take 30 minutes for traffic to the hotel, perhaps we can beat the lazy otaku rush around 10. You can always check in early, despite them saying that you can't on the website or when they inform you via phone. Check-in is usually after 10, but the earlier you get there, the better chance you have of checking in early. And the better chance we have of getting our traditional room, and see what lovely new carpet and wallpaper they've put in. I only hope that tankthemuppet can get a room on either side of us. That would RAWK.

Oh yeah, and any of my friends that are STILL looking for a room for ACen, Tank needs friends to help split the cost of her room ^_^ I meant to put that much earlier, I just keep forgetting. But now that I'm on a ACen con kick, might as well mention it. She's an awesome chick, and you could possibly close to ME! *smirk*

Now that I'm in the mood, the month warning kicking in, I don't want to go to Multimedia. I want to go home and do some KOZI GATHERING :O!

I can't believe I left my neck ruffle at home -_- And my wig, yeah .. the lady lost my address, so she said as soon as she gets my address, she'll send it out tomorrow .. too bad I didn't go through eBay with her, because she'd get a negative feedback. I've sent her a bajillion e-mails with my address. Oh well, nobody's perfect ... I guess.