April 8th, 2005


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It was like Christmas when I got home! I had three packages, but the one I wanted most was not here -_-. My wig is still MIA. I was looking through the seller's e-bay feedbacks, and a LOT of them were "slow delivery" or "was patient with delivery" ... but then sometimes it was "super speedy delivery! A+++++ buyer!" Only 2 negative feedbacks, and one looks like it was left by someone just trying to be a jerk ...

Oh well, I sent a quick e-mail, just to see if she's like, still there ... she really should not have taken my money just yet if she hasn't sent the thing. It's not really nice ... I may want my money back if she does take more than a week to respond and/or get my wig out to me.

That was the one package I *really* wanted. But my shoes are here and ... that's another dissapointment, sort of. They fit fine, I hope the gel inserts will provide me with better arch supports but ... the strap is velcro -_-. I don't think spray paint will do well against velcro. I guess it's better than a buckle ... I'm still worried that paint on the strap is just going to flake off like nobody's bizznes and then I'll be stuck with one ugly looking strap on my shoe. I guess the other option is to literaly TAPE myself into my shoes O_o. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that ...

I have two new RARE Harry Potter shirts that I am so proud of. I got a 'potion' one for $2 (no Snape, but it does have bottles of potions on it ... ) that reaks of a package sent from a smokey household ... yeah yeah, I know. I smoke, but I don't like clothes smelling like it took a detour into a smokey goth bar before coming to me. If you buy something, especially something possibly USED, you'd think that they would at least wash the damn thing before sending it to ya. The other shirt I got was a picture of the crest on a blue gradient background ... yeah, seems a bit hippy ... I thought it was just the crappy picture playing tricks on me ... I'd already won it, and then I read "tie dyed, goes from dark blue on bottom to light on top" and I pulled a "d'oh!" Oh well, looks pretty neat *shrug*

More shopping tomorrow, good god. I don't think I've ever gone shopping for so much WHITE shit in my life :O
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