April 2nd, 2005


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I hate it when I get pimples inside my nose :O They hurt, they're annoying to get rid of, and why do they happen? It's not like ... I can wash inside my nose or like ... put medication up there. Ew.

So, Jen's April Fool's joke was not a very nice one. She stole the cable modem and brought it with her to class. She didn't get back until around 6, and Iola and Keidy were here and needed to use my computer to fill out online resume's. So, her joke was not cool. And then she goes on to say "All you do is spend your time on the computer talking to people ... " That really sorta pissed me off. She's not my mom, why would she say that? I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Oh, and Die thought it would be fun to knock my le ciel kozi headpiece off the shelf. Lucky for me that it's a very durable headpiece and no harm came to it. Maybe one feather fell off, not too bad.

I can't wait to hang out with Tank tomorrow! It's gonna be much much fun! w00t!

I also bought Finding Neverland today. OMG so sad. I'm all emotional and fragile now. I hate feeling like that. I really do. I'd say I should blame it on my acne medication, but that excuse is becoming lame, considering I hardly take it any more. I'm just a pathetic cry baby :P Needless to say I don't think I had a very good day today ... *shrug* Maybe tomorrow will be better?
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