March 26th, 2005


Cosplaying/Masquerade rant

Oh dear ... ACen is just getting more and more fucked up as the years go by. More people attending, less hotel space, more of the insane world of cosplay masquerading.

Really, I don't remember it being THIS bad back in 2001 ... but then again, they didn't have these crazy rules. They're intentions are good ( keep store-bought/mass-produced costumes out of running for awards when you didn't make them, keep the masq flowing smoothly and get it done in time, not crowding the stage ) But some of them are just ... absurd. Why would they care about the music? Sure, if it has bad words, that would be reason to not have it. But this "no American music is allowed in your skit" ... what exactly does THAT accomplish, other than limiting the already poor skit-creating minds of the con-goers (yeah, like you and everyone else thought a Pocky skit was HILLARIOUS the first time ... but what else is there to do?! *sarcasm* )

I can understand not wanting a skit to go over the 2 minute time slot, particularly the skits that make 2 minutes seem like a LIFETIME. But banning non-japanese music? I can't believe someone complained saying "THEIR MUSIC WASN'T JAPANESE!" Just like the whole JRock issue that came up after we'd won an award for our Gardenia goodness (judges choice, no less).

I really shouldn't worry about this. If we don't win, we don't win. It's not the end of the world ...

anime people are scary

forum people are worse

but forume cosplay anime people are just GUH! >O
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