March 23rd, 2005



Thanks une_jeune_fille about Incentive ^_^

I'm now the proud owner of Evan Rosier in the RPG. And already I've got Regulus ploting out things with me *smirk*. I should've thought of this when I was first RPing Evan; Jaye Davidson (the guy that was Ra in the Stargate movie) is the perfect ideal face for Evan. I only hope this RP group is better than my current one.

Dear GOD I want to kill Hannah-mun so badly. She's a f'ing idiot. She's threatened to leave, and I really don't care if she does. She's upseting my friend and I don't like it when that happens. I said to the mod to just let her leave, she'll be back in a week begging forgiveness. All she wants it attention, and the more she whines about it, the less she's going to get from me. I told Sirius-mun that Regulus (my character, apart from Harry) is going to convince Sirius to kill Hannah, just because I can't stand her.

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Oooh, SamCham is over, and I am le sads ;_; That ending song is great, thanks to the people over at _champloo I can listen to it and not have to watch the end of the episode. Yeah, and it is absolutly NOTHING like Cowboy Bebop. It's better than Bebop. 100 times better. I wish it didn't end *dreamy sigh* All I have to say for those who haven't seen it is ... Jin's ... hair ... *GUH!*
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remind me next time I try to use bleach to paint on a costume ... that I have proper ventilation? *dizzy and ugh and :P feeling*

Fuu's sleeves came out just about as good as I can make them. I hope Keidy's ok with it, because I don't want to re-make these bastards. I tried setting up the flowers on the rest of the kimono part, yeah, fucked up on that so I washed the glue out before it dried. I got most of the lining parts sewn together, as well as the facing on the sleeve. The most I've been working on is those bloody flowers. Bleach is such a pain, but the outcome of color is really awesome. I don't think I could've gotten this with paint.

Other than that, I can't find my stitch witchery to attack the collar to Jin, and I realized I need to sew ribon into Jin's jacket so it won't shift around as I wear it. Ok, so my stitch witchery is at the apartment ... that's cool, I'll just do it there ...

Hmm, list update of things that still need to get done

For Fuu: Do flowers on main kimono part, sew everything, iron, get chopsticks and paint little wooden ball deals for her hair piece, find good shoes, get Keidy's waist size to make ribbon

For Jin: s.w. white collar, sew in ribbon, iron

For Kozi: get stretchy fabric for mini-skirt dress, make under-dress, start gathering fabric for top, sculptorcoat/latex/paint claws, figure out method to keep them on my fingers, do headpiece, style wig (if needed), paint shoes, attach white straps to shoes, find fancy white nylons for arms (for Yu~ki too)

For Kami: get wig, shoes, make top, find suitable ribbon for skirt

Heeey Taaaank, do you have the supplies to dye a wig? Like, the synthetic wig dye? Because if you do, that would kick ass, instead of having to buy it from Katie Bair ^_^ I need light purple and light ... blue. Hmm, I wonder if I still have blue left over from Meier ... I don't think so ...

I found 'last resort' nails for Gaku, if we can't find anything better. They're not super long, the same as Gekka's actually, but .. eeh, they worked well for that *shrug*

Ok, enough costuming for me for one day. Tomorrow will be just a little more glueing/bleaching, and then it should really be all down hill from there.
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