March 19th, 2005


cosplay update!

Just so I get everything straight, I need to type down what needs to get done within the next week & 1/2:

-wake up early tomorrow and get mom flowers for her birthday
-Order feathers
-find $100 (laying around?) for ACen hotel, for both Sawako and I, combine with kyolicious's check ... with your powers combined, I ... am CAPTAIN PLA-- ... I mean ... mmm, mun-e. Give to Keidy.
-finish up diamond painting on Jin, make larger collar, finish Jin up *crosses fingers*
-call Jen, get more interfacing and stuffing at fabric store, maybe one more bit of fabric for Kozi, and find paint for Fuu's flowers going to use bleach idea for Fuu, worked REALLY well, just need to figure out how to make it bleed less
-start working on Fuu, maybe finish it by Monday? .. let's try ... Wednesday, if I work on it constantly until then ...
-write out check to Jen for $115.49 for ComEd
-figure out Comcast shit, pay what needs to be paid
-order wig from that lady
-order kozi shoes after my echeck has cleared, and then 2-3 days after that, the will be delivered, w00t!
-MAYBE get that hat for Jin
-get in touch with Sawako (measurments, shoe talk, wig talk, money talk)
-go to Home Depot and get white industrial strength spray paint (for kozi shoes, and perhaps claws?)

Extras: got samurai swords from costume shop, got gold leaf paint for Mugen sword and blue paint for Jin's, found Gackt broaches.

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