March 13th, 2005


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Why is it that people have to make money on other people's happiness and love life?

eHarmony seems like am amazing last hope for helpless romantics (like myself, I would guess) But why then must I pay $59 for a subscription. $59 to basically guarantee me a 'perfect mate' based on answering questions. How could these questions be so accurate that it ensures me a perfect mate? What if I didn't feel really up to taking a test, or by the 100th question I was just getting frustrated with it? Wouldn't that affect the outcome?

I like OKCupid. It's free, and I met someone that looked like a Weasley ... a little like Percy, but I'd like to think he's more like Bill or Charlie. Because Percy is a DICK.

I think I'd like to get an iBook. It's just such a pain in the ASS when you have a somewhat layer-light photoshop file, tabloid size, 300 rez that won't open on my computer. I've always been told that macs are just THE computer to get for design students, and I think I've finally given up on my "Macs suck! PCs rule!" mantra.

Don't think I'm giving up on my PC totally. I still love it. I just think I'm going to get an iBook for my design work, so I don't have to crash my PC with something rather small.

Anyone with an iBook want to help me out? Tell me what you've got, why you got it, and if you're happy with your decision. Maybe what you think might be best for me. I'm thinking all I'd use it for is photoshop, illustrator, internet, itunes, imovie, freehand, maybe dreamweaver and quark.

Of course, I still need to get a job first ... *sigh* damn complications ...