March 1st, 2005



So, instead of working on Kozi, or even Kalas last night, as I watch Jen complete the hardest sewn part of her costume, I went to feather place and began to write down all the feathers we need and look for deals.

First of all, let me say that feather place website is a very tricky SOB, and I only hope their feathers are nice and worth my splitting headache I got searching the site endlessly last night. I think I overloaded their server a few times ...

For the biggest feather purchase, needed for Kami, Kozi and Mana, I've found strung white cocque tails, 12 inch long, 18 inch pieces for $5 a package. 2 packs make a yard, and I'm thinking I'll be getting 3. Kami should be getting about 4 or 5, because of the extra stuff on his wrists and shoulders. Mana might need 3 for the neck collar and then maybe 2 for the wrists. Including the blue and pink dyed ones. Jen informs me that these feathers are incredibly easy to dye with fabric dye, so why spend more money for dyed ones when you can do it yourself for (I think) cheaper. I don't know if you're making your own wig kyolicious but they have ostrich plums for your insane head piece **Edit: I took a closer look at Kami's wrist things, they're marabu stuff -_- which feather place doesn't have any of.

But just to mix it up a bit, I found loose dyed rooster hackles, 25 pack that come in 'royal' (I'm not sure if it's purple or blue ... ) pink, and dark turquois (which sorta looks blue to me ... ) which would be good for accent pieces on Kami and Mana.

I'm not even going to get into what Yu~ki has, Jen says she's got it under control, and I believe her.

So, today on my off day, I'm going to attempt to get kneepads finished, elbowpads finished, and paint the armwarmers a bit more, maybe work on fixing up the wig ...

Man, I really want to get in the cosplaying mood, but it's been so difficult lately ...
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