February 22nd, 2005


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Oh ... my ... GOD


Holy shit, if I'd known about this place back when I first started cosplaying, I think my putfits would've turned out a helluva lot better.

3 friggin FLOORS of fabric. A WAREHOUSE FULL OF IT.

Needless to say, we found excellent le ciel fabric for all of Jen's sewing needs, as well as some new stuff for me. We still need to get Kami, but I think we can pull that off with what we already got/have.

Here's a list of our booty:

good patterned Gaku fabric, 3 yards, $6/yd
not-too-shiney satin for G cape, Y pants and jacket, 6 yards $2/yd
nice semi transparent wrinkly stuff for K, 3.5 yards $7/yd
10 yards each of 2 different kinds of G trim, $.55/yd
G cravate lace, 1.5 yards, $.79/yd

All in all, we spent no more than $100 on fabric for everyone's needs! I owe Jen $20 of that tho, because Fundy doesn't need to fund (HA) my 'stume.

Oh yes, kyolicious. Jen's boss knows of a wholesale place to buy feathers. whole sale = CHEAP. It's called SK or something, and you call in your order. I figure we already know what we want ( lots and lots of rooster, maybe some goose ) and we can order from them. But we're going to see if it really is cheaper first.

And then wigs. We need to get our wigs. I'm thinking witchwigs.com will have to do. The more wigs you order, the cheaper it is right? We need Yu~ki's, Kami's, and Kozi's, as well as I'd like to get my Gojyou one too.

I think I'm gonna go make a post in the cosplay comm about cosplayers in the Chicago area to go to this warehouse. It would be super helpful for people looking for specific fabric *nod*
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