February 21st, 2005



So, on my weekend run home, I didn't spend much time at home. I'm sure my parents don't really like that, but I've got stuff to buy and I need my car for that.

Amazingly, I found Keidy's Fuu fabric at WalMart O_o. It was the perfect shade, I couldn't believe it. What luck.

I also took advantage of the JoAnne's pres. weekend sale and got me some le ciel kozi satin (yay, more satin :O ), some satin-ish Jin haori fabric to make myself one instead of using the pre-bought not correct kind, and s'more odds and ends for sewing, like friz ease which I'm sure I'm going to need for the meshy underdress for kozi.

My mom was complaining yesterday about getting 'my rose armoire jewelery box' out of her bedroom. Y'see, my grandma bought me this ... ugly, huge jewelery box that stands on four legs and is about 3 feet tall. I thought about it for a while, and then an idea struck me. I could use it for my sewing notions! So ... I did. Yay, organization!

I also bought the new legal drug manga vol 2, and a handful of PoA trading cards. OMG, anyone who collects these things on my FL, I've got so many duplicates it's not even funny. But one I don't have a duplicate of, that I am UBER excitted to have gotten is one of the costume cards! And of Daniel Radcliffe's costume, too no less! w00t!! XD Now I know what fabric they use for the cloaks! I'll have to take it to JoAnne's and as them what they think the fabric is. I also got different glasses for Jin. non-perscription, but that's ok. I'm making an appointment soon to get contacts again.

omg it's too early. I want to go back to bed -_- but the cats haven't been fed so they're going nuts and won't leave me alone. BLEH! BLEH I SAY!

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to my favorite Potion Master in the whole wide world, Alan Rickman.

It's also the one year anniversary of my tattoo ^_^ wewt
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stolen from my maki,snapple

1) Copy this list into your Xanga/LJ/whatever.
2) Bold what is true.
3) Leave plain what is false.
4) If you're not sure, or the answer is complicated, put it in italics.
5) Add something at the end.

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w00t! We have a KAMI! Sawako is going to make the best Kami, she's so cute ^_^ Even if her name reminds me of Sadako from Ringu o_O

But yes, we have a full, confirmed group now. And I saw the pictures of that le ciel group. THEY DIDN'T HAVE A KOZI *evil laughter* And their Yu~ki was freakishly tall, lolz. And a guy, which is pretty cool. His cane thinger was whimpy.

I also saw the Willy Wonka, and lots of Katamari Damacy cosplayers on fansview. I can't believe someone actually did the King of Cosmos XD sooo awesome.

Yes, so I'm mucho happy that they didn't get a full group together. I think it was because they were trying to find people they didn't know to cosplay in a group. Unlike us, who generally know the people we're cosplaying with. Example: when we tried to do Gackt Friday, we originally had 12 Gackts lined up. But who ended up showing? Only the 4 people we knew. Amazing.

In other news: AOL is gone, cancelled the whole account. Sadness ;_; But that means that we're getting comcast internet now! And I get to keep my computer in my room! And no more dial up omg swt!!!11one
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