February 17th, 2005



I haven't talked to him in about 3 years. I don't count him coming for Thangsgiving 2 years ago as being anything, because I didn't say a damn thing to him. I was too busy trying to keep my hands from strangling him.

Even after 3 years, we're still finding empty boxes that once held something of value that he thought he could pawn for some quick cash. The last thing we found empty was my mom's chemo therapy wig box was empty. Her $300 wig was long gone, we have no idea when he took it. Is it too much to just ask it to all stop? I thought I could forget about him. But it looks like he doesn't want to forget about us.

Last night, he thought he was doing us a favor. I know he's been in cahoots with AOL for some time now, being some sort of 'beta tester' and thinking that he's God amung AOL users for doing it. Well, he thought that he was going to help us and get free AOL. But the catch? He has to cancel our account and merge the two accounts.

It's just another way he's trying to reconnect himself with us, and there's nothing we don't want more than that. So, he's canceled our AOL account, my dad's tried to talk to AOL, but AOL has absolutly no security measures other than stupid security questions. I'm going to call them tomorrow when I'm home and talk to them. I know my parents are somewhat scared to talk to AOL, and they called me because they needed 'ideas' on how to deal with it. I might as well just call and bitch out AOL for a bit, tell them that we're going to be leaving them because of their fucking stupidity of this insident, and then they have no choice but to give us a few free months of AOL. Maybe even a year for being such asses. But I told dad that we might want to look into something other than AOL. We've been loyal customers to them for near 9 years now and they've done nothing but fuck us over for those 9 years. Sure, it was great to have AOL back when a 14.4 kbp modem was top of the line, but now it's just a pain in the ass.

It's been really hard on my dad, for a somewhat good intention that just turned bad. My brother and dad share the same name. All my brother has to do to become my dad is leave off the "III" from John Clark the 3rd and he's my dad. He gets away with so much because of that. He destroyed my dad's credit record because of that. I know my dad is kicking himself in the ass every day. It used to be an honor to pass your father's name onto your son, but just like everything that he's been privaleged with, he's fucked that up beyond repair.

Oh well, to make myself feel better, I'll take this Collapse )

Ok, there's a helicopter out my window and across the street, lifting AC units and dragging them off somewhere. But what's really got me interested is that the AC units are spinning dangerously fast. I want to see one fall, or the helicopter pilot lose control and come kareening to the ground in a gorgeous fireball of DOOM ...

morbid, aren't I?
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