February 12th, 2005


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NO! GODAMNIT! Episode 20 is a TBC! And, of course, it was really good at the end. *shakes fist* Oh well, at least I only have to wait a week for the next episode, unlike a DVD where it may take months to get it. Wee! *hugs animeforever.org*

I <3 Samurai Champloo ^_^
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Saiyuki rant

Oh my GOD NO!

Ok, I said I'd give it a chance, and I did. The animation is better, no more exploding into a million pieces. The character design is ... ok. Gojyou's voice is good, Hakkai sounds even more gay, Sanzo sounds too old and GREG AYERS SHOULD BE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO DUB GOKU! EVAR! >O! FUCK YOU WHOMEVER ELSE DID GOKU'S VOICE! RAWR!

The only improvement in voices I'd say is Lirins. And Dr. Nii's.

So, I'm not one that listens to their anime in Japanese like I "should do, because that's the BEST way to hear it! In it's original format!" Oh well, screw you.
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