February 7th, 2005


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I'm not too fond of the cold pizza thing for breakfast, but throw that sucker in the microwave and, mmm breakfast!

I've gone into cosplay mode for the most part, thinking up new and excitting ways to do the stuff I need to do for Kalas. Jen thinks she's going to be "strappy" Leeloo on Friday of ACen, or Mugen, if I can get Keidy's Fuu done in time. But I really want to wear Kalas on Friday, and it would make sense for me to wear Jin with Keidy and Jen ... well, we'll see.

I'm not worried at all about my le ciel. More often than not, if you just have a ton of feathers in the right places, people will understand who you are. There's no point in making them the exact feathers. And the dress is going to be by far the easiest thing I'm making for ACen. The headpiece isn't too bad, since I found a proper sized pair of wings for my head. Then there's the bo tree skeleton leaves, the goose biots, some messed up red hair extensions, some of that doll/pillow fluff, the wings, the wig (which I'm actually going to get on the way to/from class) and then throw it all together.

Keidy just squirted herself with the 'get off kitty' squirt gun. She had it backwards XD

So, in other news, I went home on Wed night and came back Saturday. On Thursday night there was a power outtage at my house and down the block. The worst time to have an outtage is when it's dark and you have no idea where the flashlights are.

Oh ... yeah ... the superbowl was yesterday ... ha, I completely forgot ... *shrug*
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