January 18th, 2005


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Your Penis Name is: Darth Vader

XD! OMG!!!!!!!111one my penis can choke your penis to death manG

So, in other news, Collapse )

While watching "Trading Spaces" last night, Vern had Page do some sort of framing project and she used these semi-transparent leaves to decorad the frames ... the same leaves that I need to add to my le ciel head dress ... I wonder if I can get them at the Home Depot ... hmmmm ... I have to start planning that out soon.

I've decided to cosplay Kalas from Baten Kaitos instead of Rei Jenon from Bujingai for maaaaaaaaybe Friday of ACen or something ... and the only reason I'm doing it instead of Rei is because I already have a blue wig that I can style instead of needing to buy a new one.

I really ... really need a job >< I have so many feathers to buy ...

Oh man, the news anchor just pronounced Hokkaido, "Ha-kay-doh" >.> They had a 6.2 earthquake, oh my.
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