January 16th, 2005



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I'm going to attempt to wash Susu again today. She's the calmer of the two, maybe she won't be as much trouble. They serious need baths, only because I think Susu's puking episode yesterday was because she was grooming herself and Die and the dander got to her sensative stomach. Susu really doesn't eat anything that she's not suppose to, so that's the only conclusion I have for why she threw up. It's worth a try though. Maybe Keidy will help me with Die? I dunno ... maybe if Die sees that her mom went through it with little fuss then she'll try and be a little nicer ... yeah, right.

Just found on tlc.org:
Yahoo's BUZZ reported yesterday that Harry Potter fanfic regularly pops up into the top searches list on Yahoo, but on January 14, it spiked 147% (this editor wonders if that was because of LiveJournal being down for much of Friday and Saturday).

I don't doubt that!! I know I was looking for fanfic yesterday! XD
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