January 7th, 2005


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Holy shit, Twister is on TV. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I haven't seen it in sooo long. Oh, such memories ... memories of my mom bitching at me to turn it off, at the same time as hearing her sing along to the music in it ...

It was the movie that had me thinking about becoming a meterologist. Except I learned quickly that you need a lot of math skillz ... and I totally suck at math ...

I still love this movie though. It was the whole reason I got the nickname "Julie Jo" because of Helen Hunt's character ^_^

OMG GODZILLA IS IN HER STOMACH! (wow, what an odd diareha (sp?) commercial ... )

Other things that have been happening: I've taken quite an unhealthy liking to playing Baton Kaitos, a gamecube RPG game that I think is a cross between FF and Yu Gi Oh, but in an extremely basic way. You use cards to battle, but you're dishing out spells, sword attacks, armor defence, and healing things. The character/world/battle design is very unique I think. overall, it's a good game for those that like fun fantasy RPGs.

OMG he just drove through the house! LOL, that part is great ... I remember wanting a red dodge ram SO BADLY after this movie ... *sigh* I'm so pathetic ^_^; I remember when this movie was the height of computer technology and the first real disaster film (I forgot, did ID4 come after it?) I'm pretty sure I still have the soundtrack ...
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Stolen from jagienka

Take the first sentence you posted from every month for the past year.

Jan: I am now the proud owner of a pair of kick ass Kaoru-esk boots, thanks to Jen telling me I should get them.

Feb: Oh God, what a crazy night.

March: Welp ... I finished my presentation for Shintoism in ... an hour and a half, giving me enough time to take a lazy shower, and still go to the cafe and get some proper lunch food, and even make a boring LJ post about it!

April: Whoa ... has anyone noticed on the-leaky-cauldron.org that Hedwig's eyes follow your mouse movements?

May: Well, I got over to Ryans at about .. oh, maybe 2-ish.

June: Type your username with your:

July: Hello all of you folks that thought I was dead (again).

August: OMG I GOT AN iPOD I AM SO KEWL!!!!!111one

September: First day of classes, just got out of my first class "Food & culture" the teach is funny but the class sounds complicating.

October: Dear friend,
I'm sorry I don't understand the way you are.

November: Well, I think I'm turning into an old person.

December: *le sigh*

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