January 5th, 2005



Damn, that was a huge ordeal that I never should have had to go through. I HATE YOU SERVICE PACK 2! I HATE YOU!

Everything was pretty much saved, no MP3s were lost, but I now have to reinstall a BUNCH of shit that's going to take me forever. Some of which I don't know if I can install again, because I don't have the discs or whatever. And Jen lost all of her stuff that was on the desktop.

Oh well, it's a small price to pay for the insane shit I had to go through with Comcast and Gateway to figure out why my computer was misbehaving. Never again will I install those fixes. I don't care if it's good for my computer.

And this new version of AIM is SO not cool ... at all ... I don't even know why they bothered making it.
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