January 3rd, 2005


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RYAN! I lost my last lighter >< And the apartment is a bloody mess, thnx for rolling around on the floor all night ... and I think I'll be finding those candy wrappers stuck into cracks when I'm moving out ...

I really need a trash can by my computer ...

So, as some of you have figured out, I got quite drunk last night. I would've made drunken messages, but it was really late. Ryan and I *tried* to watch Collateral before we got drunk, but it just got out of hand. And then Anchorman, but that just didn't work. Then I got real tired and went to pass outin the bedroom, and Die was an annoying bitch, crying all bloody night. And I couldn't sleep well because I had a wheeze and couldn't breathe well. It was really not that nice feeling. And now, I feel icky and don't want to go to my first day of classes. Not only that, but apparently I have a hold on my account so I can't add any classes until my dad pays tuition payments. I think he's doing that today though.

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Bleh, and I think it's safe to say that I won't be graduating this year. I still need to go figure out why m major hasn't been assigned, nor do I have an official advisor, even though I filled out at least 3 pieces of paper telling them which major I wanted ... *grr*
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New iconses! I decided on a Snape theme instead of mixing it up a bit. Let's see how long this stays ...

I'm also in an icon-making mood. The sillier the request, the better. Right, ivotesilly?

*butter* XD
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