December 30th, 2004



I got a Stitch n' Bitch Across the Nation book today. They have a patern for 'li'l devil' toddler pants that have a devil tail on them ... if I had a kid, I'd think it was the cutest thing.

There's a few good things in there that I have plans on attempting. I just bought a cable knit set, a set of circular needles and size 19 straight needles and some double ended needles to fill my super spiffy knitting needle case.

I also got some remnents to make a purse for myself, because I need something smaller than my messenger bag to carry around with me. I do still have my skull purse, but I wanted to make something a little less "Hot Topic"-ish. I may still add a few crazy buttons, but other than that, it's going to be brown faux suede with crimson red satin lining. I still haven't decided on a strap yet though. Or how I'm going to close it. Or exactly what I'm going to make ... e.e; I want pockets though, maybe a zipper ...

I have plans of bringing my whole knitting case back to the apartment. I fear for what Susu and Die have done in our abscence.

Oh, I forgot to report this, but Maguro is no more. Die ate him -_- I don't think I'll be getting a fish until I've moved out, for fear of Die thinking that I just brought another treat home for him to climb up and get ... *sigh*

There have been a LOT of bad things that have happened since the cats arrived. My Ikea lamp was eaten, Maguro was eaten, my keyboard was pissed on, and my Rufus and the Turks poster was nibbled on. As much as I love cats, I really wish Jen would take them home with her instead of leaving them at the apartment where they run amuck and destroy things. I hope Die eats one of her paintings next ...
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When you TELL someone that you'll be back, and not sign back on in less than 3 hours, leaving the person you said you would be back for waiting and forcing themself to stay up for you, you damn well better COME BACK. Like ... himina-ho NOW! ... riiight, NOW! ... Now? .. Now!

Because the person that waited will definitely be MAD at you next time that you DO sign on ...

PS - not intended for anyone that would POSSIBLY read this LJ, just a sleepy late-night rant manG

PSS - ALL MY HP FRIENDS THAT ARE READING THIS BETTER F*CKING GO TO TWH OR I WILL BE VERY VERY SAD AND CRY FOR DAYS AND EAT CAKE AND GET SUPER FAT! lelola, bluerose25, alyssa_malfoy, presentiment, monsieurvicky, toshimasa (try to get Harry to bring HoA and sell JRock at a HP con XDDD that would kick so much ass! But would NEVER HAPPEN) THIS MEANS YOU GUYS! IT WILL BE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU GUYS!

ok, I'm done. I need sleep ... I tried to prolong it, but he's just not coming ... damn you ... damn you Aiden ... if that's even your real name *shifty brow*

Oh, listen ... it's raining outside ... WTF Chicago weather!
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