December 28th, 2004


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I've had on again/off again headaches for the past ... oh, I'd say 2 weeks now. It's getting me slightly worried. Drugs really don't do much, I think I've grown immune to Aleve. Sometimes they're absolutly debilitating migranes, but that only lasts a short while. Sometimes they're just dull throbs in the ck of my head, or pains in my neck. Maybe it's the weather? Or maybe it's the almost complete lack of sleep I got last night ... filled with very very odd snippets of dreams.

I think my body is finally breaking down. And my dad says that this is my peak performance years. WTF. I was far more healthy and at my peak when I was in jr high ...

OMG I made a knitting needle holder out of HP fabric I found at the store XD I'm such a dork. It looks alright, for a half-arsed completely from scratch thing. I don't have that many needles to fill it right now, but I plan on getting more.

Saw Lemony Snicket finally. I love the ending credit song a lot. I thought the rest of the film was ok. Wasn't spectacular or anything. Carrey was ... well, Carey. Not much you can say to that. And it went by very quickly. It definitely felt like the beginning of a long series. How many books are there? Like, 14? And that movie was the first 3 put together. So maybe they'll have like ... 3 to 5 movies in total? Sounds about right.

My head hurts too much to rant ... I start classes Monday *gasp* And I've only signed up for one. I need to get 3 more, maybe TRY and finish up school on time -_-
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