December 26th, 2004


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I take back all the negative things I was implying about Christmas. This year, Christmas was really nice, not all that stressful or anything.

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It was just an AMAZING Christmas. I've never had so much fun with people at a family get together party. I just didn't feel like that silly little kid any more. Alisa and I planned on hanging out a bit when we were both in the area again, and she talked VERY highly of the CoD Japanes trip with Shingo. She went on it in the first class to go on it, and she had a blast. I think I might just do that, it's only for a few weeks. And Ash and Russ would be going as well. So I think I'm really going to try hard to make some money to go on this trip in the summer, instead of the atom bomb one with Yuki. Alisa said that he takes you to see things that even Japanese people don't get to see. We'll have to see if I can make the $2000 or $3000 together before the deadline.

Today is going to be another lazy day. Try not to eat too much, definitely stay away from the malls, but maybe go see a movie. I still really want to see Lemony Snicket ... and Finding Neverland ... and The Incredibles ... e.e;

Christmas gifts I recieved:
Nothing! w00t!

Ok, so ... I did get something, but they were all presents to myself. I got a Snape ornament for myself, and The Sims Makin Magic Expansion Pack. I plan on going out today to get Napoleon Dynomite (I've heard lots about it, and it looks really funny), I got some cash, about $200, which maybe I'll save for Japan trip. No one knows what to get me any more, so I'm fine with cash :D

I need to go out and buy more yarn. I want to make more scarves damnit! I gave away my grey fringe and burgundy yarn scarf to my Aunt because she was wearing all burgundy and it just matched her so much better than it matched me. Besides, I still love my Gryffindor scarf. And I still have like, 3 more balls of yarn to make into other scarves (but for other people) and I need to get white yarn to make my mom something.

Ok, now I've got the motivation to get up and DO something ... so I'm gonna go do something :D
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