December 24th, 2004


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I told myself that I was going to get a Harry Potter ornament for Christmas this year, even if it didn't go on the tree, and my wish came true! I found on eBay a Potion Master 2001 ornament from Hallmark. I won it for $4.25 XD Better than retail price of $15, I'd say. It's the perfect Snarry ornament too, because Harry's there stirring a cauldron and everything! I won't get it for about a week, but that's ok.

I've begun to read Interview with a Vampire. The interview kid is annoying the FUCK out of me. I liked Christian Slater's take on it. And thanks to the ever knowing of useless information Danny, he said Johnny Depp was up for grabs for the part of Lestat. But he backed out when River Phoenix died. Phoenix was suppose to be the interview kid, not Slater. I don't know if he would've mae a good blonde aristocratic, egotistical vampire. I think Cruise did a good job. But then, oh, the pairing! Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp playing (in esscence) lovers? *squeal* goes my yaoi heart! :D

Anyways, since I don't know what's happening tomorrow, have a happy, safe, fun holiday to everyone, even if I'm the scrouge of all Christmas cheer (I really do hate Christmas, but maybe I won't get into why just yet ... )
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