December 23rd, 2004


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That was fun for about ... 3 minutes.

I bout The Sims Makin Magic. Yay! I also know the cheat codes to get 99 million similarions. I've got four families so far ... The Snape family (Snape and Harry), the de Lioncourt family (Armand and Louis), the JRock family (Camui Gackt, Yu~ki, and Kozi), and The Hobbit family (Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Smeagol)

Yeah, I'm SOOO original, I know XD ... but I think I may end up deleting the Hobbit family. 4 ppl is a lot to take care of. And I'm going to bulldoze one of the bigger houses. It takes forever for my Sims to make it anywhere, so I'm going to go small this time around ... or try to ... and maybe I won't cheat as much ^_^

All I know is that I'm not bored any more!
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