December 21st, 2004


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Now that it's official, the date already set into my phone, I'm wondering if Oak Park is going to have another awesome Diagon Alley book party. That was actually pretty fun, but this time I'll have a real good costume to wear :D And Jen can't come as 'Miserable' Gackt and play it off as being a younger, more regal Sirius Black any more. Oh well!

I've been knitting all day, finally did a bit of tasselling on a scarf that's going to Keidy for Christmas. I've got 2 balls of yarn that I think I'll make into scarves for Elisa, my mom's college friend's daughter. She just came back from a long stay in Japan as a ESL teacher, with a Japanese boyfriend. I'd love to talk to her about Japan, what it's like, and get her to tell my mom that Japan isn't a bad place for me to go some day.

I need ... juice ... x.o
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