December 18th, 2004


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I hope this means that my breaking computer streak is over. I offered to help my dad fix the problem he had with his laptop. Word was crashing before it even opened and he needs it for work on Monday. I spent about 2 hours going through the Microsoft website and troubleshooting the whole bloody thing. All it told me to do was install these security things and service packs, and I did all that. Still didn't work. I was down to the point of calling the support line and waiting for hours to talk to someone, when I just thought "Hey, why not google it?" So, I did.

About 20 minutes of searching and I found a forum with the exact same problem, AND A DETAILED STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO FIX IT. Omg, talk about LUCK. The template for word had a glitch of somesort and I just ran a run command to clear it. Now it works, and for my efforts dad has given me the use of his laptop for the rest of the evening, while they watch figure skating.

We're having the first real snow right now for our area. Snow that will most likely stick around. We've been having the most mild winter, it's been awesome. I hate winter, I hate cold, and I hate snow. Up until yesterday the temperature had been in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Still sweatshirt weather. Now it's getting into the teens as a day time high, and that means ... jacket weather. Only problem is that my jacket has lost nearly all its buttons and I need to go find sutable replacements. And I need driving gloves. Nice warm leather ones.

About the only reason that I would watch figure skating is for the music they chose. I can recognize the most obscure soundtrack music that people use in their routines. Like once I remember watching a routine to the theme song from the miniseries Merlin.

Hmm, speaking of Merlin ... I should buy the DVD and get rid of my VHS ...

Because now I have $50 for working on stripping wallpaper in Ash's BFs new house! wewt! Or perhaps I should use it on fabric for Rei Jenon ...
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